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Type:              Red Dry  

Appellation:  I.G.P Pays d'Oc

Grape:           100% Merlot

Alcohol:        14%

Volume:        750ml


Colour: Superb dark colour with purple reflections

Nose & Palate: Scents of blackberries, bramble, licorice, and

prunes, with a note of black pepper. Good varietal expression.

Ample and fresh taste, structured yet supple, with flavours of

red fruits, pepper, cistus, laurel, and rosemary. Young, firm, and

molten tannins. Finale with notes of licorice.

Recommended serving temperature

Serve at 18°, Open 20 minutes before serving           

Food and wine

Serve with grilled food and cheese.




Domaine de Bachellery

  In the south of France, in the heart of the Languedoc Roussillon region, the Domaine de Bachellery covers the ancient Via Domitia, which faces the Mediterranean Sea. The Béziers area has been settled by rural workers, who cultivated wheat, grapes, and olive trees, since the days of Rome.

The Domaine de Bachellery, a very old operation, has been officially documented since the Middle Ages. In 1548, Jacques de Bachelier, president of the Bézier Court of Justice, settled with his family in the beautiful fifteenth century building and gave the Domaine his name. Bachellery then passed into the ownership of the influential priory of Cassan. It was held by the clergy until the French Revolution, after which it was taken back by rich families in the region. The reputation of the Domaine’s wines has been forged over many centuries.

The provincial poet Frédéric Mistral is often visits Bachellery, whose Tokay he highly enjoys, during his sojourns in Béziers. He wrote a beautiful poem that compares Bachellery’s wine to “a dashing and handsome young man”.

In the early 1980s, the Domaine was bought by the Julien family, which has sired many generations of winemakers. For almost 40 years, Bernard Julien has been renovating and handling this vineyard.

Since 2005, Yannick Julien has been in charge of the winemaking process and Brice Julien has handled the commercial aspects of the trade. The two of them comprise the fifth generation of winemakers in the family.

Bachellery stands on quaternary terraces located on hills, seventy metres tall, that stand parallel to the coast. The terroir is made of clay and limestone, strewn with gravel and occasional pebbles. This type of soil is used to grow many “Grand Crus” of the Languedoc-Roussillon region, which are of the highest quality. The Béziers region has an AOC classification.


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