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Type:  Red Dry  

Appellation:  Margaux A.O.C

Grape:  60 % Merlot    40 % Cabernet Sauvignon

Intense ruby color. Ripe black and red fruits, vanilla spices and a hint

of oak.  Medium to full body and complex with a super-silky tannins

and a mocha hint at the finish adding complexity.

Food and Wine: Any red meat and poultry coq au vin with plump


Alcohol: 13,5 % 

Volume: 750 ml





Heritage: The Belliard family, from the Escoussans community in Entre-Deux-Mers, has been involved in the wine business since the 15th century. Its first vines were planted by Pierra Belliard, in 1497. For centuries, the Belliard family sold its wine through the Place de Bordeaux.

At the turn of the 20th century, Roger Belliard decided to begin expanding the sale of bottled wine. A few years later, his son Alain furthered the property's expanion by diversifying its branches in France.

Today: Xavier Belliard, a wine producer and oenologist, represents the Belliard family's 17th generation, which now has 95 hectares of vines spread over some of the most prestigious grounds in Bordeaux. Each plot is chosen for its optimal quality and exceptional terroir.

As producer and oenologist, Xavier Belliard supervises each step in the creation of the wine. He has connections with the best wine producers in Bordeaux, as maintaining a good social circle is part of the MBV's philosophy.


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