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2015 : Or Vinalies Internationales  / Bronze Decanther World Wine


2014 : Or Concours Gnral Agricole de Paris

2013 : Argent Mundus Vini (Allemagne) /  Argent  Vinalies

Internationales /Argent International Wine and Spirit Competition /

Bronze  Decanther World Wine Awards / Bronze International Wine

Challenge Londres

Appellation : A.O.C Champagne

Grape : 64% Chardonnay   36% Pinot Noir 

Beautiful salmon-pink colour with deep pink and orange reflections. Animated by delicate and lively bubbles that produce pretty bubble patterns with gentle crackling sounds. Its first odours are of strawberries, peppermint, lemons, raspberries, and grapefruits. It evolves towards tender clay, prunes, myrtles, gooseberries, blackcurrant, and peonies. Its flavour is supple, delicate, and fruity, developing with dense fruit pulps. An unctuous sensation appears towards the middle. The ensemble ends in a final chorus with each instrument playing its art precisely and harmoniously, accompanied by a slightly spicy, airy freshness.

Serving Suggestions: Peking duck, Rossini salmon with cranberries.

Volume: 750 ml

Alcohol:  12 %







For over 150 years, the Le Brun de Neuville family has resided on the heights of Bthon. The memory of Lady Le Brun de Neuville, who owned the Chateau until the 19th century, still lives in the hearts of its tenants. Her noble heir to the Chateau and founder of the Cave, Lady de Reviers, later post-humorously awarded her the name Le Brun de Neuville.

The Domain of LeBrun de Neuville covers 152 hectares of vines, located in the dale of Szannais knolls in one of the Champagne regions cradles.

This territory hold very particular components: its climate, soil, under-soil, and reliefs combine to create a specific combination that draws out each vines very best. The Coast of Szanne rests on affluent clay. This AOC vinery, supporting reasonable culture, also benefits from a micro-climate that protects its vines.

The cave turns 88% of its vines into Chardonnay, a variety especially eminent in Champagne for its finesse and typical floral aromas.

The Champagne ages within the Bthon domain, a continuous process beginning in tanks and progressing to bottles in contact with dead yeast. These bottles are stocked 18 metres underground, in caves at 14 degrees, and age on wooden planks for multiple years. The House of LeBrun de Neuville imposes on its bottles a rest period of at least 36 months, far above the forced 15 months.

After long months of aging in the silence of the domains caves, the bottles are put to the final steps of Champagne-making that will give them their tones of noblesse.

Amongst the high-class clients of Le Brun de Neuville are found numerous prestigious restaurants. For many years, Marseilles Villa Massalia, Chamalires Le Radio, Paris Le Lutetia and the Georges V, Évians La Verniaz, and Cucurons La Petite Maison have offered their international clients Le Brun de Neuville selections.

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