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Type:              Red Dry  

Appellation: Haut-Médoc  A.O.C (Cru Artisan)

Grape:          55 % Cabernet Sauvignon  40 % Merlot   

5% Cabernet Franc

Beautiful coloring intensity. Beautiful aromatic intensity. Heady

nose with complex wooded area. Notes of caramel, coffee and

 toast on a black cherry background. Fat and volume in the

mouth, beautiful material, sweetness. Harmonious, full and rich


Food and Wine: Beef steak, pan-fried ceps, rooster with wine.

Alcohol: 14 % 

Volume: 750 ml




Château de Coudot

For nearly two centuries the place called Coudot, in Cussac Fort Médoc, has always been known for its many Artisan Crus. The first Féret of 1850 already mentioned a dozen of them. In the hands of families of Médocan winemakers, these wines experienced various fates throughout history. Today, there is only one artisan vintage left in Coudot: the Château de Coudot. Renaissance of this old Medocan winemaker tradition that we owe to the Blanchard family.


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