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Type:              Red Dry  

Appellation:   Cahors A.O.C

Grape:           100% Malbec

 With its beautiful dark dress, light tannins, and scent of black

fruits, the Clos Malbec is a pleasant wine, easily drinkable on

any occasion.

Serve between 16 and 18 C slightly chambered

Food and wine: Pairs perfectly with charcuterie, grilled meats,

or veal.

Alcohol: 13,5%

Volume: 750 ml


Vignobles Laur

On the Floressas highland, Since 1881, the Laur family has been inspired by the constant ambition to produce great wine for six generations . Today, three generations work together  on the field. The old people pass on  their traditional skills, the Younger constantly improve  the vines and the brewing process. Laur vineyard is a  beautiful area of 40 hectares located on  the hills of Floressas, its one of the best vineyards in Cahors'  appellation. The vineyard has excellent soil constituted by the complex ferruginous clay-limestone, and the  ideal exhibition to the sunshine.
  "No great terroir, no great wine " Laur Family, very attached to their tradition, has always defended Malbec  grape which is Cahors unique and historical verity. Due to the accumulation of generations experience, Laur  family is able to fully grasp the characteristics of  malbec and brew 100% malbec great wine. Since ancient time,    Laur familial history of the wine is the history of  ethics: respecting the nature and the environment is the priority in the way of viticulture. The quality control means, in part, by the practice of viticulture which requires physical work on the ground, traditional and natural. where nothing is left to chance ...
 Arriving at best maturity, the grapes are carefully picked and put into tanks quickly in order to preserve maximum aroma and ensure perfect condition. Traditional vinification with temperature control is applied for fermentation maceration, pre cold maceration and hot at the end of fermentation. Each parcel and each grape variety is vinified separately, then assembled to create the most harmonious and most elegant wine. Then the wine is kept in the French-made oak barrels, A variety of soils fragrance combine with the perfume released by the fine particle of the barrels, to get the harmonious and complex taste of grilled bread, chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, and a lot of other flavors.
 delicate grapes, strong tannins, fertile and varied Land encourage Laur family to create the different flavor of the wine, each wine has its own personality, each wine expresses different soil characteristics.
 in LAUR, we dont speak of the harvest, we say "picking grapes." The soul of the grapes rest in Chateau LAUR bottles ..."

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