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Type:     Aperitif

Contain:      Liqueur,  infusion of plums , plum brandy, sulfur

Alcohol:        16%

Volume:       750ml


Color: Pale brown

Freshly harvested plums are macerated in a mixture of alcohol and “water of  life” to get the plum  infusion. This infusion is mixed in the sweet wine with a 75% minimum of wine.

Odeur and taste of plum.

Serve at 12 °       

Food and wine

aperitif.  preparation of cocktail. flavor fruit salads or topping on

 sorbets. Aperitif natural

Preservation:  Long time





The distillery was founded 40 years ago by Raymond Gatinel. By that time, he was a farmer and a "traveling boiler". He had a cart equipped with a distillation, starting in October of each year,, he went from farm to farm,distilled for distillers: farmers and small producers who had a government-issued license, passed on from generation to generation, and which allowed them to distill a small amount of brandy (20 liters of 50 ° brandy). this is known as a privilege, and can be no more transmitted to descendants from the late 1950.

This work was extended to the end of 1960. Then he wanted to make it a full-time job and applied a professional  distiller's license. He began to buy fruits from local producers and distilled into "Water of Life", then sold to the tourists in the tourist season. the customers are restaurants, grocery stores, wineries, companies, individuals, local supermarkets ...

At the beginning, he only selected several local fruits: plums, walnuts, chestnuts. The majority of his customers  appreciate the quality of the "Water of Life", so he began to expand the selection of fruits: the most characteristic  fruits of the region: Greengages Plums, Prunes, Cashew Nuts, Cherries, Raspberries, Brown, etc..

In the beginning of the career, he had his wife to help him, later his son Jacques also joined in the development of the distillery. Nowadays this distillery remains family management and handmade. Customers are still restaurants, spice shop, wine cellar, companies, individuals and local markets.


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