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Gold Gilbert & Gaillard 2016 (89/100)

Type:             White Sweet  

Appellation:  Loupiac AOC 

Grape:          85% Sémillion    10% Sauvignon blanc    5% Muscadelle

Alcohol:        13 %

Volume:        750ml


Colour: Beautiful deep gold.

Nose: Distinctive nose midway between honey, acacia blossom, candied

apricot, and orange.

Palate: Dense, full palate showing delicious candied perfumes set against a

backdrop of freshness and balance. Awe-inspiring length. Rich and delicious.

Serve at 8-10°, Open 10 minutes before serving           

Food and wine

Drink as an aperitif with foie gras, poultry,  many Asian  or exotic dishes, many

cheeses and desserts as well.





Château Ségur du Cros

The history of the Chateau du Cros is closely linked to that of the Guyenne Province.

In 1196, King Richard ‘the Lionheart’ of England granted permission for the building of the “Vieux Château du Cros”. The Chateau was later partially destroyed by the French during the Hundred Years’ War.

Later owners gradually rebuilt it over the course of many generations. In 1753, the Château du Cros was sold to Mr François De La Chassaigne, a direct descendent of French Renaissance philosopher Michel de Montaigne. In 1921, François Thévenot, the current owner’s great-grandfather, acquired the domain from the Count of La Chassaigne.

The Boyer family – from François Thévenot to the current owner, Catherine d’Halluin Boyer – has held the vineyards for four generations. Catherine d’Halluin Boyer succeeded her father, Michael Boyer, in 2004. Today, the Chateau adheres to the rules set by the Charte des Vignerons Indépendants. Catherine, an energetic entrepreneur, developed an inclusive ‘Bordelais territory’ gamme comprised of wines from the three chateaus owned by her family, which are now all united under the Boyer family’s banner.

The Loupiac appellation is located forty kilometres south of Bordeaux, on the right bank of the Garonne River. This terroir is truly odd. Sitting atop one of the highest hills of the Gironde region, the limestone-rich soil gives the wine a particular acidic taste that distinguishes it from other Bordeaux wines. The confluence of the Garonne River and the Ciron River, in front of the vineyards, creates an important layer of mist from August to October. The hills increase the impact of this mist by holding it on the side of the Garonne River. These conditions are ideal for the growth of the famous “Botrytis Cinerea” mushroom, which appears as early as August. The mushroom attacks the chateau’s Loupiac, Sémillon, Sauvignon, and Muscadelle vines, thereby forcing their grapes to produce very fragrant juice.   



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